2014 Travel Plans

Visiting Fellow, Digital Ethnography Research Center, RMIT (Melbourne, Australia)

Mar 11: “Parenting in a Digital Age” Public Presentation, RMIT, 3 PM

Mar 18: All-day workshop on writing & ethnographic methods, RMIT (w/Heather Horst)

Ap 1- 4: U of Queensland (w/Zala Volcic, Mark Andrejevic)

Ap 10 – 11: U of Sydney (Gerard Goggin & Fiona Martin, host)

Ap 18 – June 30: Visiting Professor, U of Copenhagen, Dept of Cognition and Communication

Ap 28 & 29: Master Lecture, “Parenting in a Digital Age,” Odense

May 13: Sodertorn U, Stockholm, Sweden (Jenny Sunden & Mia Lovheim, hosts)

May 18 -20: PhD seminar (w/Stig Hjarvard), U of Copenhagen

May 27: Presentation/workshop (w/Jenny Sunden, Mia Lovheim), Sodertorn U, Stockholm

June 6 – 13: PhD seminar (w/Gitte Stald, Annette Markham, Kirsten Frandsen, Stine Liv Johansen), U of Aarhus

August 4 – 8: International Society for Media, Religion, and Culture Conference, Canterbury, UK (Presentation: “The Politics of Empathy”)


About Lynn Schofield Clark

I'm an author and media professor who researches and writes about how parents and their preteen and teen children deal with digital and mobile media in their lives. My book Parenting in a Digital Age was published by Oxford University Press in 2012. Regina Marchi and I have coauthored Young People and the Future of News: Social Media and the Rise of Connective Journalism for Cambridge University Press (2017). It's about how young people use social media in their relationships with (and sometimes in advocacy for) their communities of concern (their neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, etc.).
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